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Natural Vision with pinhole glasses!

The pinhole glasses are a true alternative of the use of your prescription glasses.

Who can use them?

Anybody! It doesn’t matter if you are short-sighted, long-sighted or have astigmatism. If you suffer with a cateract you will be surprised that you can see more clearly. They are ideal for watching TV, working with the computer and also for reading.and also for reading.

What makes the difference in quality?

• The "lenses" are pressed, not pierced or drilled
• The pinholes cover the entire lens not only the central part of the lens
• The pinhole can be conical or pyramidal instead of cylindrical
• The lens is shaped for periferical vision
• Large choice for personal solutions
• Attractve choice of frames
• Advice from trained visual trainer

how to choose the pinhole glasses?
How to choose a pinholeglass?

The conical holes

The conical holes are smaller near to the eye and more open to the outside. This reduces the phenomenon of haloes of diffraction which you find in the cylindric holes.
The pinholeglasses with conical holes are specially good for medium-low miopia, presbyopia and astigmatism (from1,5 to 5 dioptres)

Pyramidal holes

Here the holes are square at the outside, which makes the lens more stable and at the same time very subtle and fine.The allignment is orthogonal. Therefore this type of glasses is perfect for people with low shortsightness, presbyopia and astigmatism, under two dioptres

Pinholeglasse with small holes

Who has more than 5 or 6 dioptres normally finds advantages using glasses with small holes, which allows a vision very similar to normal glasses.

If you are shortsighted (or only have astigmatism)
• till -1,5: pyramidal
• from-1,5 to - 5,5: conical
• over 5,5: small holes

If you are shortsighted and have astigmatism
add your shortsighteness with the astigmatism for every eye and regulate as above

If you have  hyperopia
• till +1,5: pyramidal
• from +1,5 to -+5,5: conical
• over 5,5: small holes

If you have hyperopia + astigmatism
add your hyperopia with the astigmatism for every eye and regulate as above

If you have  presbyopia
• till +1,5: pyramidal
• from +1,5 and more: conical

Who has medical problems (albinism, cataract, glaucoma and so on.) 
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